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An Email Marketing Strategy for Small Business

by Red8 Interactive on Mar 17 2017

A successful email marketing strategy for small business does two things well. It’s consistent and it’s focused. Consistency is key for an effective marketing strategy for small business  Be consistent when you speak with you customers and prospects. Send emails on a regular schedule. If there’s value in the content, they will look for your Read More

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WordPress Website Pricing – Knowing the Cost Drivers Helps Manage the Budget

by James Hipkin on Aug 19 2016

WordPress website pricing can be obtuse. But don’t despair. Because we build sites using WordPress we can help you understand where the costs come from. In this post, we will describe the factors that influence WordPress website pricing. Generally speaking, they fall into three large buckets: functional requirements, design requirements, and content entry. With this information you Read More

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SEO Basics – What Should I do?

by James Hipkin on Jul 22 2016

SEO basics aren’t terribly difficult, have a plan and then follow the plan, but it’s not automagic, you need to do the work. We know that Marketers think SEO is important. Search engine optimization comes up frequently in conversations with our design agency customers. Their clients ask them about it, so they ask us. We tell them that Read More


Profitable Website Projects

by James Hipkin on May 18 2016

Running profitable website projects is important for our design agency customers. Last year we published a series of posts on this: how to make money on WordPress projects. We received a lot of favorable feedback so we converted the articles into a presentation: Profitable Website Projects – The Oreo Cookie Strategy. The presentation was based on the Read More

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Consistency and Focus are Key for Business Success

by James Hipkin on Apr 19 2016

This morning I was reminded that consistency and focus are key for business success. I was reading a post on Carrie Dill’s site, Finding New Clients Doesn’t Need to Be So Difficult. There is a line in it that struck me as vital, “Stick to what you know best and deliver content on that platform every Read More

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A Marketing Tracking System for
the Rest of Us

by James Hipkin on Mar 23 2016

Have you considered using a marketing tracking system? Do you connect with customers and prospects with email? Social Media? Do you give them links to follow back to your website? Do you wonder if anyone follows the links you send? And what happens when they get to your website? Have you looked into marketing automation Read More

Using Your Website to Create 
Competitive Insulation

by James Hipkin on Feb 29 2016

Why is competitive insulation important? Most products and services compete on a parity landscape. To be successful requires more than the sliver of difference that exists between you and your competition. You need something extra. Keeping and nurturing customers, especially best customers, is a proven business driver. The Loyalty Effect, a book that’s been around for some Read More

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How to Manage Successful
Website Projects

by James Hipkin on Feb 22 2016

Running successful website projects is a lofty goal. Everyone wants their project to be successful. But successful website projects don’t happen automagically. Modern websites are application software. They are so much more than HTML and CSS with a little Javascript. They are complicated. Running successful website projects requires a plan. What you’ll need to be successful: Direction – if you don’t Read More

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Managing WordPress Image Size
with Canva

by James Hipkin on Feb 16 2016

Managing WordPress image size can be daunting. There are lots, and lots of places to find images. Some are free and some you need to pay for. But many struggle once they have the image. What size should I upload? Why do the images look odd or stretched or out of balance? There are also performance Read More

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What the Door-to-Door Salesman Can teach Us About Effective Website Selling

by James Hipkin on Feb 9 2016

Online marketing can learn a lot from what worked in the past. If you step back and look at what was done, not what it was called, but what was successful, you will see that there’s a lot about marketing that hasn’t changed in generations. Effective website selling can use the same layered approach that was perfected by successful door-to-door Read More

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