Gravity Forms is a premium form solution for your WordPress site. Using Gravity Forms isn’t difficult, but getting the most from the tool takes some understanding of its advanced capabilities. 

Why did we take the time to spell out all the ways you can use Gravity Forms?

We believe that an effective website is a fulcrum that your customers and your business use to maximize value. We call this Hub and Spoke Marketing. The hub is the website and marketing channels are the spokes.

Your forms are the most common interaction device on the website. They are the point of the fulcrum. As such, you want forms to be as useful as possible. 

We use and recommend Gravity Forms. It’s an excellent plugin that’s easy to use for simple applications like Contact Us or a subscriber form. It’s also a powerful tool that can be used to solve many advanced UI challenges.

To make the most of this prime opportunity, here are the points we’ll be covering:

Setting Up a Simple Gravity Form

First, and likely obvious, you need to have Gravity Forms installed. It’s a premium plugin so you will need to purchase a license. When we build your website, then you have a year using our license.

If you host your website on our server, then we will continue to pay for the license. How cool is that?

This video goes through the steps required to create a simple form. As with most things in WordPress, there are several ways to add a new form. The first screen asks you to give the form a name. Call it something descriptive. You can easily change this later.


Author: James Hipkin

CEO, Managing Director

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