Over a series of five posts we will use our experiences to show you how to make money on website projects. As a subcontractor to design agencies we see the same avoidable mistakes made with sad frequency. All it takes is a few small shifts in perspective and better planning. It’s not hard. It requires work, and a willingness to accept some things that may fly in the face of your current thinking. But it’s not hard to make money on website projects.

To make money on website projects you need to change your thinking

First the attitude shift—a website is not advertising, and it’s not a brochure.

It supports advertising, it’s a destination for advertising, but it’s not advertising.

It’s also not a brochure, or at least it shouldn’t be. A brochure presents information about a product or service in a general way to a general audience. A website is more complex than that. A website is like a direct mail package. There is a brochure element, without question. There is also a letter, the argument, and many calls to action, perhaps a lift note, etc.. A website can and should deliver a complex story in layers. Interested consumers can get what they want and take action immediately. Or they can dig in as deep as they wish.

You can make money on website projects

make money on website projectsIf this is sounding complicated, good. That’s the point. Designing and building a website is complicated. Accepting this is the first step to understanding how to make money on website projects.

But the user experience shouldn’t be complicate. Making complicated things easy to use is hard, very hard. You are going to need to put some effort into it.

Over this series of posts we’re going to cover the planning, the design and build, and then what comes next. We call this the Oreo Cookie strategy.

Why the Oreo Cookie Strategy?

It’s not an Oreo without the crunchy outsides.

You want to make money on website projects?

Put as much effort and thought into the planning and the build, as you put into the design.


Stop losing money on website projects

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