They fail at the beginning.

We’ve learned this the hard way in recent years, which is why we are now offering Website Discovery to our customers.

But one aspect of our Website Discovery product, the wireframe, causes a lot of confusion.

“This doesn’t look like the design concepts.”

“This is too much like design, the wireframe needs to show the site functionality, and the content hierarchy.”

To better understand how wireframes work, think of a wireframe as a communication tool, as a bridge between the website’s functional and technical requirements, and expensive design. Don’t think of it as the design, it’s not intended to be design, it’s intended to describe the “what” for each page. It’s an approach that helps designers and their clients see how the site architecture, the sitemap, will function, and it helps them understand the website’s functional/UX requirements, what needs to go where and how it works, before they spend expensive Art Director time designing pages.

Give us a call, we would be happy to discuss how a wireframe can help your next website or app design project have a great beginning.