Last week we relaunched the Red8 Interactive website to coincide with our move to the new OPO Startups building on Main Street in St. Charles, Missouri. We’ve already detailed the move in a post, so now we’ll go over what’s new in the site.

For the new Red8 Interactive website we wanted to showcase the same tools we use to build our client’s projects. That means we wanted our site on WordPress so we can easily update it and use it as a means of testing out new features and techniques that we can implement into future client builds.

There’s more to our site than just being built on WordPress though. We’re also using Advanced Custom Fields to create a true content management system that can be easily updated and maintained by anyone in our office without hours of training on how to enter content.

With responsive design ever increasing it’s presence on the web, especially with Google’s recent algorithm changes, we wanted to create a site that scales to fit any browser. That’s where Bourbon1 and the Neat framework come into play. Allowing us to quickly create mobile friendly sites using a predefined grid.

Of course what good is a shiny new site if no one can find it? That’s where our set of SEO tools come into play using Yoast’s excellent WordPress SEO plugins to optimize each page on our site for the best search traffic possible, all from the WordPress dashboard.

With traffic comes greater security threats. That’s why we lock down all of our sites with iThemes Security in addition to the myriad of security features provided by our hosting on WP Enigne.

Plus now we finally have somewhere to share all of our WordPress knowledge.

Author: James Hipkin

CEO, Managing Director

James brings over 30 years of professional sales, marketing, and marketing consultation services to the table. Serving global brands along with small businesses, Hipkin leads a highly-skilled team of full-time developers, producers, and project managers who are committed to your success.

An excellent communicator and inventive problem-solver, his creative vision and bottom-line sensibility have proven successful at building productive, long-term partnerships with both employees and clients. 

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