WordPress website maintenance done right. Have our team of full-time developers maintain your WordPress site. We can assess plugins, develop new functionality, build a new template, and more.

We keep maintenance easy. Simply send an email to maintenance@red8interactive.com to create a new task. If you lose the email address it’s on our home page. Please provide any background information you have, browser and OS, screenshots, etc., that will help us understand the request and indicate if the request is rush. Otherwise, we will assume that the request is standard.

There is a one-hour minimum for maintenance tasks so if possible, requests should be ganged together. If we can investigate, determine what the issue is and fix it in an hour, then that’s all we charged. If more time is required a project manager will tell you what we estimate the work effort will be. Additional time is approved before more time is used.

If it’s a standard request, a task that we can complete when a resource is available, the cost $135 an hour. Standard requests are usually completed within 3 to 7 business days.

If the request is rush, i.e., needs to be done by a specific date or time, then we charge $200 an hour.

Maintenance estimates are not-to-exceed estimates. Since the site has left our hands, we can’t always predict how long a task will require. We’re usually pretty close, but it can become a black hole, so we use this caveat. We will always come back to you if we need additional time with an explanation.