We built the new website for the North Lake Tahoe Tourism Association, GoTahoeNorth.com, and continue to support their efforts to promote the region. A key part of this is the Hub and Spoke Marketing Strategy, and more specifically, email marketing. In one of our sessions, the Tourism Director asked if we would share our perspective at the upcoming Tourism Summit. How could we refuse?

The essence of the presentation was that without a plan, resources, and metrics email marketing is a waste of everyone’s time. Assuming a Yes checkbox is selected for each, we covered some principles that we have found important:

  • Your understanding of what’s valuable is not your customer’s understanding
  • Most of your list won’t care, but your best customers will

  • If your email creates value, it will be opened and read

This was followed by some email marketing guidelines.

Finally, we touched on the importance of mobile and how being prepared for mobile was vital to email marketing success.

Obviously, email marketing is a topic worthy of books, not something to be covered in thirty minutes, but the message was well received.

The presentation is available on SlideShare: