What marketer doesn’t want effective landing pages, landing pages that maximize conversion and sales?

There are lots and lots of content and many online resources that focus on landing pages: Unbounce provides a great tool for building them and lots of content about them, Marketing Sherpa weighs in on this frequently, Optimizely, HubSpot, Marketo, they all provide resources and talk about best practices.


Because having effective landing pages really makes a difference.

So why this?

Well, it seems that while there are many, many resources like landing page tools and content about the details, there isn’t much that provides an overview, that helps marketers identify the things that really matter, the things that a busy marketer should be focused on.

So how do I design effective landing pages, landing pages that maximize conversion?

  • Focus on the primary objective, yours and your customer’s
  • Don’t make them think—use the space and present the content in a way that makes it easy to scan and digest
  • The headline—the benefit not the features (see primary objective above)
  • Copy that sells—reasons to believe that are clear and to the point (see primary objective above)
  • It’s the offer stupid
  • Ask for the sale—position the CTA toward the top and on the right side
  • Assume nothing, test everything, but test big things

Obviously, this is a super high-level perspective. Go ahead, dive into the details, the nuances, explore the links above and more, but don’t lose track of these fundamentals. The reality is, if you hit the high points, if you get the fundamentals correct, you will have more effective landing pages, landing pages that convert to sales.

The presentation below, it’s on SlideShare, goes into all this in a bit more detail.


Let us know what you think, what’s worked for you.



Author: James Hipkin

CEO, Managing Director

James brings over 30 years of professional sales, marketing, and marketing consultation services to the table. Serving global brands along with small businesses, Hipkin leads a highly-skilled team of full-time developers, producers, and project managers who are committed to your success.

An excellent communicator and inventive problem-solver, his creative vision and bottom-line sensibility have proven successful at building productive, long-term partnerships with both employees and clients. 

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