Gravity Forms is a premium forms solution for WordPress. Using Gravity Forms isn’t hard, but getting the most from the tool takes some understanding of its advanced capabilities. It’s an excellent plugin in that it’s easy to use for simple applications like a contact us form or a subscriber form. Using Gravity Forms to create a simple form is straight forward, but it has the depth to do many things.

In this series of posts, we will touch on the few of the common applications that we see. We will also look at a few of the common extensions and show you how to set them up.

But to start, we will show you how to create a simple form.

How to Use Gravity Forms to Build a Simple Form

First, and likely obvious, you need to have Gravity Forms installed. It’s a premium plugin so you will need to purchase a license. If we built your website, then you have a year using our license If you host your website on our server, then we will continue to pay for the license. How cool is that?

This video goes through the steps required to create a simple form. As with most things in WordPress there are several ways to add a new form. The first screen asks you to give the form a name. Call it something descriptive. You can easily change this later.

The initial editing screen includes a tutorial that describes the process.

Gravity Forms has several field groups. In most situations, the Standard and Advanced Field groups are all you need. There are other field types as well but we won’t be touching on them.

Open up the field group that has the field type you are using. Name and Email are both in the advanced group. I’ve no idea why this is this way. You can add a field to the form by clicking on the button label in the field group or you can drag the field button over to your form to position the field in the form. If you click to add the field it will be added to the bottom of the form. Fields can be repositioned by clicking and dragging.

Once the field has been placed in the Gravity Forms editing area you can click on the title bar to open up the settings area for this field. In setting, you can adjust many things. For example, make it a required field.

When your form is complete, click Update to save it.

Congratulations, it’s a form.


As you can see, using Gravity Forms isn’t hard. We made a simple form in sixty seconds.

Install the plugin. Select Add New. Choose your fields. Adjust the layout and settings. Update to save.