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Red8 is a custom build development studio. We support design professionals looking for high quality, reliable, and highly skilled developers accustomed to solving development challenges.

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Red8 Discovery is the ideal first step in your next website or mobile app project. Everyone involved has a better experience: The client knows what they will be getting for their investment, the creative staff knows what they need to design, and the production team knows what they need to build.

The deliverables from a typical Discovery are a Functional Requirements Document, we use Agile user stories: As a <type of user>, I want <some goal> so that <some reason>, and a Technical Specifications Document, which provides all login information, server specs, technology specs, identify plugins that will be used, and documents third party integrations. A Site Map/Information Architecture andWireframes are optional items.

Custom WordPress Themes

Red8 builds custom WordPress themes to deliver the best in design and website functionality, themes that support our customers’ and their clients’ business objectives. We use agile software development techniques and follow a disciplined production cycle. Our developers are all full time employees; no freelance shuffle here. Our project managers and producers herd the cats and provide technical support.

Together, we build the sites our clients and customers want and need.

Semi Custom WordPress Themes

Most websites are the same. This is the 80:20 principle in action. Eighty percent of the underlying structure can be found in most sites. It’s the other twenty percent that makes the site unique. A semi custom WordPress website takes advantage of this. The majority of the foundation elements are prebuilt. We use our proprietary base theme, add functionality and adjust how the site looks, as required. If you have a moderately complicated website, a semi custom build will be something to consider.