This concludes our series on the Oreo Cookie strategy for profitable website development. To recap:

This is what you need for a profitable website development project:

  • A clear and documented understanding of the website’s functional and technical requirements;
  • A site map and wire frame to communicates the site’s structure and functional requirements;
  • A solid, thought through design, and
  • An efficient build.

Like an Oreo, all the layers are important. Without the crunch, the planning and the build, the tasty bit, the design, is just a gooey mess. This is the reality, but it’s not what we see.

We see too much emphasis on the design and not enough emphasis on the planning or the build. Awesome design is important. Great design looks good in meetings. Great design means the finished site will be beautiful. But great design by itself won’t lead to a profitable project. Sorry. Not going to happen.

The Budget – Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight

The last piece to all this, is the budget. Don’t bring a knife to the OK Corral and expect to come out a winner. The website is the anchor for marketing activity. It’s not advertising, it’s where the advertising sends customers. It’s where customers interact with the company or brand. Don’t spend many thousands of dollars on advertising, and then penny pinch the website budget. How does that make sense? Give the project the budget it deserves.

We’re not suggesting that you throw money at the website. When you know the budget during the planning stage, you can design a site that can be achieved with the budget. The team will make decisions that impact the budget in Discovery before it’s too late. They will use the Discovery process to map out a website that won’t exceed the budget. It lets you make the hard decisions before getting into expensive design and build.

Profitable Website Development – Final Thoughts

Have a plan, and have enough budget. Design against the plan and budget, and build efficiently. See, it’s easy. You don’t need to fear website projects. Website projects don’t need to be lost leaders. You can achieve profitable website development nirvana.

Stop losing money on website projects

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