Semi Custom Websites

We recently started building semi custom websites. We took our experience building custom WordPress themes and developed our own base theme. You can see it here. If your design team uses the base theme’s PSD as the basis for their design we can build the site more cost effectively.

Budgets for semi custom builds run $8500 +/- 30%. The final cost depends on the degree of customization that’s required, how complex the design is, and what new functionality needs to be added to the base theme. The semi custom approach still gives you lots of flexibility, but it’s still significantly less expensive when compared to the cost of a full custom build. Approximate budgets for each of the examples below are provided for context.

Let us know if we can help any of your clients.

semi custom wedsites - Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Wild & Scenic Film Festival ($9,000)

semi custom websites - eClassic Designs

Classic Designs ecommerce ($9,500)

semi custom websites - Climate Classroom kids

Climate Classroom Kids ($6,375)